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Telephone: 0208 221 2909

Fax number: 0208 221 1234

Our Staff

We recognize that your carer is somebody with whom you can form a special friendship and for this reason we do take great care in selecting a staff member with whom you feel completely comfortable. This is only done with your full consent and you are free to ask for a change of carer at any time, if you so desire it.

All our staff are thoroughly screened, trained, insured and DBS checked, in-depth references are also obtained

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Only staff exhibiting the highest level of attentiveness, compassion, moral character and professionalism become members of Supreme.

Once hired, our staff undergoes an in-depth training session developed in accordance with the rules and regulations of CQC and UKHCA.

We hire highly experienced teachers and also send staff for NVQ2 training.

Whatever the needs are, we provide services tailored to meet those needs. Domiciliary care can often be a cost effective alternative to residential care, enabling clients to maintain their independence within the comfort of their own home.

Care can be provided by our comprehensively trained and qualified Domiciliary Care Workers, Health Care Assistants, or sometimes a combination of staff grades. The service is customized specifically to meet needs of our service users.