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Home Care

Supreme Home Care is experienced in every level of home care - whether for accident rehabilitation patients; the chronically ill; the Paediatric population; the elderly; the persons with physical disability; stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's patients; post-hospital convalescents; and those with short or long term illnesses.

The very concept of Supreme Home Care is one that is rooted in the most basic human need - the need we all have for independence, familiar surroundings and the companionship of caring individuals. From the beginning, Supreme care respects the human right of every service user and upholds their dignity.

Home care services are provided to help vulnerable adults meet personal, domestic and special needs in their own homes. The aim is to encourage the service user to continue to do things that they can do while we help them with the things that they can no longer do and help them stay in their homes for as long as possible.

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Whatever the need we believe that the service user should be the one in control, making sure the care provided is exactly what is required. This we do by ensuring:

  • The same care team is available to provide continuity of service.
  • The care team arrives at the agreed time.
  • Care service is maintained and improved on.

Whatever the needs are, we provide services tailored to meet those needs. Domiciliary care can often be a cost effective alternative to residential care, enabling clients to maintain their independence within the comfort of their own home.

Care can be provided by our comprehensively trained and qualified Domiciliary Care Workers, Health Care Assistants, or sometimes a combination of staff grades. The service is customized specifically to meet needs of our service users.